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COFES Russia 2013
May 30 - June 1, 2013
Peterhof Russia
The New Peterhof


Market Knowledge is the Key to Industry Survival

COFES is a unique conference with a difference: COFES focuses on intense sessions of discussion, argument, and debate, on issues that will affect your business as it invests in, and depends upon, engineering technologies. COFES gives you exclusive, equal access to a range of high-level invitation-only experts, decision-makers, editors and analysts. These participants are there to discuss, understand and expand their knowledge of the industry, its effects on  business and the future. You don’t spend time in seminars, getting the hard sales pitch or listening to speeches: At COFES you get to explore the hard questions and get real answers.

The Annual Event to Attend

Now at its 10th annual session, COFES commences on  Thursday evening, and extends through 2 complete days of conference. See the detailed program highlights

The schedule at COFES includes an intense set of subjects – issues that affect the way your business operates today and in the future – discussed within a concentrated sequence of participatory sessions. Working lunches, and a rapid timetable of private meetings, add to the valuable experience gained at COFES, which allow participants to understand the current and future technologies for engineering as well as how to successfully use that knowledge for IT investment in the workplace. The event also features a range of enlightening keynote speakers recognized for their expertise in both business issues and future technologies. These Keynote speakers usually participate throughout the entire event, thus adding to the high-level of expertise available.

COFES: Always Ahead of the Trend

In 2004 COFES put the spotlight on the need to innovate your own future. If technologies did not exist to meet your needs then they needed to be invented, created and developed. Keynote speaker, Alan Kay, HP Fellow at HP Labs, led the discussion by bringing examples of futuristic technologies and inventions that are yet to hit the market.

COFES prides itself on keeping its participants informed of emerging technologies before the market spots them, enabling you to understand and predict the effects such new technologies will bring to your business environment. This year's COFES will be no exception!  Check our program regularly as we issue updates to this exciting session.

How to Attend

COFES is an invitation-only event for decision-makers within manufacturing, architectural, plant design and mapping companies who rely on engineering technology as a mission-critical aspect of their business. COFES brings these attendees together with high-level executives from software, hardware, and technology companies, industry analysts, market shapers and press.

If you are a key part of shaping your company’s IT investment strategy, you need to be at COFES. If you have already received an invitation to COFES, you may go right ahead and register now for this event. If you do not have an invitation but believe you should have one, apply for one at .

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