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COFES Russia 2013
May 30 - June 1, 2013
Peterhof Russia
The New Peterhof


Отзывы о COFES 2012
"Каждый год COFES на моем календаре. Я думаю, что я был в 11 из 13 ежегодных событий в Скоттсдейл, где я воссоединиться с многими контакты промышленности, разжигать целый ряд важных стратегических партнерств и попасть в стимулирующие беседы ...

В COFES, не принимаются решения, хотя в некоторых случаях есть смелые прокламаций ... COFES гораздо больше о разговорах - некоторые темы, предписанные и обсуждались в комнатах, а некоторые устной в коридорах или в бар у бассейна прием. Разговоры о разделении. Они спорили о. И они думают о. Я считаю себя еще думает о разговорах, которые могут быть длился 5 минут спустя несколько дней после событий ...

В других условиях, я думаю, мы были бы "представления" и пытается убедить комнату, в которой наши решения могли четко решать проблемы A, B и C. В COFES, однако, кажется, вполне уместно, чтобы открыть диалог, начать разговор и готова поделиться, спорить и учиться.

Поэтому, возможно, мои друзья в Научно-исследовательском Cyon следует рассмотреть новый смысл для акроним COFES: Беседы о будущем разработки программного обеспечения.

Что вы скажете, Брэд?"
Ron Fritz
Tech Soft 3D
Отзывы о COFES 2011

"... COFES, как никакой другой случай, что я принял участие в мои 30 лет путешествия."

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates


Отзывы о COFES 2009

"...Мы спросили, “почему вы приехали на это мероприятие”, и получили такой ответ, перефразируя: "Мы приехали, потому что только здесь мы можем вступить в личный контакт с теми людьми, которых нам нужно увидеть, и которые практически недоступны по электронной почте или по  телефону, так как к ним нужно прорваться через администраторов разного уровня. Кто бы мог подумать, что это возможно!"


Эл Дин
главный редактор

Отзывы о COFES 2008

"Что касается меня, главное в COFES – это его основополагающие принципы. Это те разговоры экспромптом, неожиданные встречи, знакомства  за бокалом вина или с канапе в руке, благодаря которым  COFES так важен. Как я объяснил, когда меня недавно спросили, на что похож COFES:  'Это как  LinkedIn Live.'"

Эл Дин
один из основателей и главный редактор

"...веселое упражнение для ума – обратиться к чему-то такому, что соединяемо, но абсолютно не связано конкретно с тем, чем я занимаюсь и что очень хорошо знаю: восприятие, с которым знакомы очень немногие. Мощностный коэффициент работы мозга на COFES реально потрясает.... и было по-настоящему интересно в этом участвовать."

Скотт Бринкс
старший вице-президент, Logisitics


Testimonials on COFES 2006

"2006 was my first COFES and was enlightening. At every meeting, function, indeed, in every corridor, nook or cranny, one could find a high level of knowledge and interest in the future of our industry. Open discussion, views, opinions, comments and heated debate from a gathering of some of great minds in engineering software technology made it a must in my 2007 calender."

Al Dean
MCAD Magazine
London, UK

 "At COFES, the sessions are interesting but I find the networking time with industry colleagues to be particularly valuable."

John McEleney


Testimonials on COFES 2005

"The conference—or Congress, as the group prefers—is a well-run affair that concentrates on the bigger issues of design and engineering. At its worst there are impassioned discussions about the problems of implementing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems and the value of working in 3D that are as never-ending as they are recurring year after year after year—if only the aging process could be stopped as easily. At its best the conference puts a disparate bunch of experts in the same room or at the same party and gives them an opportunity to share notes on real problems. Some complain that there aren’t enough users, and others complain that the users there come predominantlyfrom large sites, but the fact of the matter is that few venues really put these kinds of high-level experts into the same kind of casual environment and so successfully inspire conversation. "

Jon Peddie
The Peddie Report

"Once again, the rewards of COFES sneak up on you and sometime during the first day you realize that something strange is happening.  It then dawns on you that you are in a comfortable setting, with 200 industry professionals and you’re thinking.  You’re thinking about what the analysts are saying and you’re having open dialogue with others regarding your feelings and opinions on engineering.  You are at a retreat that is about technology renewal, not the traditional finding your inner self, but finding your thoughts and care-abouts in the industry."

Les Steward
Manager Engineering Computing

“There’s nowhere I can ever really go.  I go in this sort of desperate search for mental food through the book stores, five or six times a day. I’m bingeing, I’m wanting more, and my mind’s coming up with half of that. Then you come to something like COFES and you sit there and you start talking to everybody.  Everyone says something that sparks it here, sparks it there, sparks it here, and it’s like my mind goes into this feeding frenzy.  And the thing is, I see other people doing the same thing.  When you get enough people who actually consider thinking an entertaining activity, you see things that you just can’t feed yourself any other way.  That’s what I mean when I say it’s food for the mind.”

Mike Riddle
Evolution Computing

Testimonials on COFES 2002

"The COFES conference was perfect for our purposes. No other conference that I am aware of provides the attendees with the opportunity for hosted personal introductions to key industry players and the chance to speak directly to those individuals about issues that affect the 3D CAD industry as a whole. We accomplished in two/three days what could have taken weeks, perhaps several months. The return for us was invaluable given our objectives."

Rick Benoit
Strategic Marketing Manager
Intel Corp

“COFES was a great opportunity to have quality discussion time with some of the most interesting people in our industry; I was glad to be a part of the conference, and will look forward to next year.”

Jon Hirschtick
Dassault Systèmes Group Executive
SolidWorks Board Member

“As first-timers at COFES, Proficiency was very pleased to find a strong emphasis on CAD interoperability threaded through many sessions. COFES brings an intense focus to the major engineering software issues of the day, and takes a long look at how they might be resolved in the years to come.”

Michael Jannery
VP of Marketing
Proficiency Inc.

“COFES2002 was particularly successful for us in allowing opportunities to meet press, analysts and to discuss possible partnerships within the industry. This year’s event seemed even more successful than before in encouraging such meetings.”

Al Moulton
Ppresident and CEO
Graphisoft U.S. Inc.

“You did a great job with COFES2002!  I'm glad I attended--it was very intellectually stimulating and motivational and I met a lot of new people.”

Dennis Nagy
Technology Business Consulting

“Other than sex, the morning keynotes at COFES [2002] were the best two hours I've ever spent in my life.”

Jerry Laiserin
Industry Analyst,

Testimonials on COFES 2001

"Your second 'knowledge turn' for COFES surpassed an already-high standard. One participant told me 'This conference is different than any I've ever been to. Most conferences are bang-bang-bang; go to a technology suite, then another. Here, the people are actually trying to make a difference.' Another participant said he 'didn't know what to expect' and was 'blown away.' Personally, it's a pleasure to work with such bright AND honorable people. I hope the entire Cyon crew feels the satisfaction and pride you deserve."

Peter Marks
Managing Director
Design Insight

"…the conference format is considerably different from the norm, and provides a significant opportunity for personal contact with a highly qualified audience. Each participating company, instead of hosting an exhibit booth, hosts a hotel 'technology suite.' When attendees register (or upon arrival), they make appointments for 30-minute private sessions with the companies in which they are interested. This self-selected audience arrives at the suite ready to talk business, unlike the random audience one might encounter on an Exhibit Hall floor.

"Conversely, because the companies are represented by senior management, they also are prepared to discuss business, rather than simply delivering a marketing presentation. I was pleasantly surprised, for example, to be able to meet and have substantive discussions with the senior management of companies with whom I had been trying for years to cultivate strategic partnerships with one or more PIAs, as well as a few companies that I had not even considered.

"COFES is also an opportunity to meet with fellow senior executives of other software development companies in an informal setting conducive to discussing possible business partnerships. The AEC market is only one portion of the attendance, but sufficient in number to be worth attending. I think you might find it of value to attend or participate next year."

Michael Tardif
Center for Technology and Practice Management
The American Institute of Architects

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